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Splatfest matchmaking

Splatoon 2, The issue of Regional Matchmaking

Splatfest matchmaking

Feel free to complain about players in Splatoon though, even by name. Team Raph really, REALLY sucks! But that doesn’t explain why the hell I’m constantly getting matched up with people who are VERY OBVIOUSLY brand new to the game. Splatfests were checking how many unskilled players to do with level doesn't drastically improve on team collapses most of video game about. So, splatoon 2 on. Sure, there is an argument to be made that Nintendo could have designed Splatfest's matchmaking and other mechanics to better deal with.

Does Splatfest’s departure means the end of Splatoon as we know it? Will Inkopolis slowly drain of players until it’s finally an ouroboros of two inklings, forever chasing each other with paint rollers? Nintendo told us that Splatoon’s “general online experience and service will continue,” dispelling rumors that the game’s main modes will soon end. However, since new.