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Cersei bronn dating

Cersei bronn dating

Here’s a question for all you Game of Thrones fans: Have you ever seen Cersei Lannister and Ser Bronn in the same scene? There’s actually a fairly valid reason for that – the actors who play Cersei and Bronn, Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn, previously dated in real life, and as. But not really -- because apparently he and Lena Headey, who plays Cersei, hate each other. Until now, when Bronn's overly hasty exit before Cersei and Jaime arrived was just a little too odd to let pass. Apparently, Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn used to date, back in the day. The actors (Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn) used to date each other and famously had a tumultous relationship. It ended badly. They hate each other so much.

Seeing as how Bronn is very important to the Lannister army, and is a close confidant of Jaime, it was baffling that he didn’t stick around to see the Wight get all up in Cersei’s face. The reactions in this scene were amazing so I'm going to sidetrack real quick and emphasize how scared everyone was. It's safe to say reactions to the Game of Thrones finale were almost as dramatic as the finale itself. But the theatrics that allegedly went down behind the.

Cersei and Bronn are feuding, according to various rumors that have been circulating for the past three years. That's why, during the cersei bronn dating seven finale of Game of ThronesBronn waltzed away with Podrick to grab a "drink" while Cersei and the other leaders of the Seven Kingdoms discussed the future of Westeros. Sure enough, Cersei and Bronn have only been on screen together once throughout the seven seasons.

After the interaction, Cersei walks by briskly — she doesn't give a word to Bronn. In actuality, it seems more likely that Cersei and Bronn wouldn't interact simply because they read more need to. Bronn is a sellsword, a lowlife, and Cersei is an uppity, vengeful queen.