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Dating systems to measure time

Dating systems to measure time

Even though Biondo's dating system had no followers and was used in only a limited Since these systems measured unrelated times, they did not affect one .

I think that system is Metric Time. Although I will advocate on these pages a specific Metric Time system, I will also present measure time information about different decimalized time systems. This is because there is no real consensus yet on what the official Metric Time system for the new millennium should be. I am not advocating a decimal time system because I have some axe to grind against base On the contrary, I find different number systems to be useful and fascinating.

Besides the practicality of binary and hexadecimal in computer programming, the use of different number systems in different cultures such as the Babylonians from whom our base time system originated and Mayans who had base, and the difficulty that we as decimal users have in using their systems most of us can't just start doing addition in base without having to keep track with paper and pencil, raises all sorts of intriguing questions about how we think about numbers.

It seems to me that the main problem we have in using other base systems is that those of us who have grown up in a decimal using culture think in decimal. And this brings me to why I am advocating decimal based Metric Time; because we do live in a decimal using society, it's just perverse for us to be using https://allworld-dating.site/cats10/1543.php for telling time.