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Casual dating sites india

Casual dating sites india

Everyone knows Tinder, the infamous app for casual dating where you the most famous dating sites globally, though it's not the best in India.

A 28 year old scholar from the University of Delhi who tried to find a match on casual dating sites india websites like Shaadi. Moreover, it brands itself as an out and out "matchmaking app", as distinct from those for casual dating.

Vee, another dating app popular among people who prefer heightened security measures, has amassed over 1,00, users. Dating lives While it may be tempting to read this as a trend in line with the notion of a conservative Indian society, apps for casual dating seem to be doing fine as well, as there is clearly no shortage of those just looking for someone to hook up with.

The app tries to filter out the noise, while also building in an element of security, while staying focussed on being a dating app.