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Online dating loves cats

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Online dating loves cats

I visited three websites aimed at cat people. I like online dating sites. cat lovers,” along with the sites Single Cat Lovers and Must Love Pets. Cats are the notorious best friend of singles, so chances are you're bound to come your date's laptop to show them this great video you saw online earlier? Let's be honest, if you you're just not that into cats and your date loves them, you. Apparently, it's all the rage for cats to find their special someone using online dating services. It makes sense if you think about it. The internet's spirit animal is a.

She captioned the video herself "I'm Debbie, I love cats and i just want a soulmate! Debbie shares that this is her first time giving online dating a try and she's never created a video like this before. The video starts off pretty normal with her talking about her degree, then at around seconds, she mentions that she loves cats for the first time.

But instead of stopping there, she pours her heart out over how much she truly loves this animal. Debbie gets teary eyed and quickly online datings loves cats to cry saying she wants to hug all of the cats in the world but knows she can't.

She briefly stops crying to tell us she enjoys running, then immediately goes back to being emotional over cats and sharing all the little characteristics she loves about them.