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Dating jesus is love of my life

Dating jesus is love of my life

What about the pool of available, eligible, Jesus-loving men who are both as outwardly attractive as Tom Hardy and virtuous enough to qualify for a halo? While the typical evangelical woman smugly perceives her secular sisters as hopelessly lost in self-sabotaging Tinder trysts and doomed to marry a partner of less-than-saintly character, she herself is hopelessly stuck in the Jesus-is-my-boyfriend camp.

After a decade-long domestic partnership with Jesus, I eventually cut romantic ties with my maker and started a real-life relationship with a real guy. While Jesus held my metaphorical hand, this man held my actual hand — and told me he loved me, with a voice that was audible.

Https://allworld-dating.site/cats14/8055.php while there are moments when I long for the simplicity of the just-Jesus-and-me times, bringing a third party into the relationship has, ironically, brought me closer to my maker.